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How effective is silicone defoamer

How effective is silicone defoamer?

Ingredients: polyether, organosilicon, polyether modified silicon

Appearance milky white liquid, transparent liquid

Water soluble in water, excellent dispersion performance

PH value 6.5-7.8

Add 0.001%~0.02%

Introduction to fermented organosilicon defoamers

Fermentation organosilicon defoamer is a specialized fermentation defoamer that is refined by a special process and has biological inertness. It meets food grade standards and can be directly added to the fermentation broth together with the base material according to the characteristics of the fermentation process. After high-temperature sterilization, it can be fed or supplemented, overcoming the stability of high-temperature disinfection before fermentation, the inhibition of bacterial growth during the fermentation process, and the drawbacks of scaling in the fermentation tank. It also has the advantages of easy separation after fermentation and easy cleaning of the tank.

Application field of fermentation organosilicon defoamer

Fermentation defoamers can be used in various fermentation processes such as fermentation industry, microbial fermentation, fermentation extraction, dairy product fermentation, yeast fermentation, alcohol fermentation, brewing fermentation, feed fermentation, biological fermentation, bacterial fermentation, edible mushroom fermentation, etc.

Characteristics of fermented organosilicon defoamer

1. High temperature resistance, chemical stability, and odorless;

2. Its performance can be comparable to imported products, and its price has a clear advantage;

3. Strong defoaming and anti foaming ability, low dosage, and does not affect the basic properties of the foaming system.

Method of use of fermentation organosilicon defoamer

1. Recommended dosage: According to different systems, the amount of defoamer added can be 0.1-0.3%, and the amount depends on the specific situation and practice of the customer;

2. Before use, a small test can be conducted to avoid abnormal situations.

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