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Is it foolish to distinguish between silicone defoamers and silicone oil defoame

Is it foolish to distinguish between silicone defoamers and silicone oil defoamers? For organic silicone defoamers and silicone oil defoamers, I believe many people, like me, are not very clear about the two. Therefore, before writing this article, I also collected some information and studied it. Below, the editor will take you to see what organosilicon defoamers are, what silicone oil defoamers are, and what are the connections and differences between the two.

Usually, silicone oil refers to polysiloxane that maintains a viscous liquid state at room temperature, while organic silicon refers to polysiloxane. Therefore, it can be considered that silicone oil is organic silicon, and organic silicon is silicone oil. However, the form of the two is different, but the chemical composition is the same. For example, water and ice only exist in different forms. Can you say that they are two substances? Of course not.

There are many forms of organic silicon, which can be divided into: organic silicon chemical reagents, silicone oil, high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber, silicone resin, composites, etc. Therefore, silicone oil is one of the many forms of organic silicon.

To understand the relationship between silicone defoamers and silicone oil defoamers, let's take a look at the characteristics of silicone defoamers and how they differ from ordinary defoamers?

(1) Organic silicone defoamers disperse slowly in a system of water and oil.

(2) Has low surface tension and can quickly defoaming.

(3) Good chemical stability and heat resistance, capable of defoaming in neutral foaming systems and high-temperature environments.

(4) Silicone oil has physiological inertness, and when configured as an defoamer, it will not pose a safety threat to the human body.

(5) The biochemical oxygen consumption (BOD) of organic silicon defoamers is relatively small, which can be used for defoaming in sewage systems without increasing the load of sludge.

(6) There are many types and can be used for various foaming systems.

The above is the relevant content of silicone defoamers and silicone oil defoamers introduced by the editor Xin Wancheng. If you are still unclear, you can consult the technical personnel of Xin Wancheng!

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