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Hunan Jiaxin Intelligent New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with technology research and development as its core, driven by product innovation, focusing on the sales and production of characteristic chemical raw materials such as coatings, inks, paints, and building materials. Dedicated to the new role of chemical raw materials, providing functional additives, wax powder, and resin as an internet one-stop joint sales chemical company. Years of product application experience and experimental data technology accumulation, continuously providing customers with characteristic chemicals and application solutions driven by technology and formula optimization!

At present, we jointly sell a series of high-performance paint additives imported brand series, including: WEK, BYK, TEGO, BASF EFKA, Himez Deqian, Lubrizol, Maitu, AFCONA, Dow Corning, BirlacARBON Bora Carbon Black, Akzo Nobel, Klein, American Air Chemistry, Tesla Baron, Gongrong Society, Shinyue, Korean CFC, Ashland, DELTA, Huntsman VENTOR. Jiaxin Zhixin New Materials, as a global technology specialty chemical and special materials internet one-stop joint sales service provider, has accumulated and practiced professional market concepts and technical and marketing teams for many years, scientifically and innovatively helping paint, coating industry, plastic industry, paper coating, printing ink, architectural chemistry, pigment concentrate, leather coating, anti-corrosion and ship coating, adhesive and sealant Customers in industries such as container coatings meet the needs of current and future social development, and assist in their development.



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