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  Our commitment to health, safety, and the environment

  Our commitment to safety and our team spirit have transformed into a culture of shared responsibility and shared success.

  The safety and product quality of employees, the environment, and the communities in which we conduct business are all top priorities for our company. Our goal is to ensure the implementation of global safety, health, and environmental plans, continuously striving for excellence in this area, while committed to achieving the goal of "zero harm".

  'Building safety together' is an extension of our core values that guide us in the direction of WEK.

  According to the requirements of the State Administration of Work Safety, the State Environmental Protection Administration, and relevant local departments, enterprises implement a daily inspection system, strictly implement the "Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection" (SHE) standards, actively carry out emergency plan drills, implement "three-level" safety production education and training for enterprises, workshops, and teams, and ensure enterprise safety production.


  Our environmental protection 'carbon neutrality'

  Our health, safety, and environmental leadership training clarifies the roles and responsibilities required to maintain health, safety, and environmental performance. These plans, as well as our health, safety, and environmental management system, are key to maintaining excellent performance in health, safety, and environment. Conduct academic and technological exchanges, jointly explore the paths and measures to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality, enhance China's active participation in the reform and construction of the global governance system in the field of climate change, promote global green development, and build a community with a shared future for mankind.



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