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  WEK Sustainability Innovation


  Our products always provide valuable solutions for customers and consumers. We have been optimizing the global formulation of paint and ink additives for our customers. We are able to produce a product that meets its requirements while continuing to provide the excellent environmental friendliness, required applications, and aesthetics of the original product formula.


  We are full of innovative spirit, courage, and motivation in all our work. To build a broad platform for employees to realize their self-worth, shape a more professional and potential elite team, and in response to the global trend of "carbon neutrality", WEK focuses on developing more environmentally friendly and bio based synthetic products, promoting the development of the coatings and ink industry in the era.


  Since the establishment of the company, WEK has achieved stage after stage goals on its way forward. To achieve "WEK ® Special chemicals go beyond chemistry, leading to the creation of new roles in sustainable development We continue to strive for our corporate vision, and we firmly believe that we will continue to work and have a promising future.


  Continuously improving quality


  We provide customers with innovative, growth oriented, and sustainable solutions.


  The R&D department and technical service laboratory of WEK Company are equipped with staff with years of relevant industry experience, who can customize products according to customer needs and provide reliable product quality assurance. The company can provide you with all the products in this product catalog, and can also manufacture some related products of the same type in limited quantities.


  The markets and fields served by the WEK brand series of products include adhesives and sealants, architectural coatings, automotive factory coatings, automotive repair coatings, canned coatings, coil coatings, building chemicals, energy storage, fiberglass impregnation, floor coatings, casting and refractory materials, industrial coatings, household, industrial and public facility cleaning agents, inkjet, lubrication and demolding, ship and anti-corrosion coatings, oil and gas industries, paper coatings We provide services in various industries such as powder coatings, printing inks, PVC blends, PVC plasticizers, thermoplastic plastics, thermosetting plastics, wood and furniture coatings, ceramic inkjet, nanomaterial dispersion, electronics, and new energy. With the continuous emergence of new markets and applications, WEK Company keeps up with the times and provides customers with accurate and optimal production technology and formula optimization processes.


  Quality means continuously meeting the current and future needs of customers. To this end, we continuously improve the quality of our products or services.


  Work together and grow together


  Our business department collaborates closely with functional professional fields across different regions and cultures. To achieve a "harmonious, developmental, diverse, and win-win customer relationship", we have jointly formed an extraordinary work team and composed our own success. Interesting work, an international team, a modern environment, and a high emphasis on employees provide you with an innovative work environment that promotes your personal thinking and skills, and establishes a trusted and reliable open cooperative relationship.


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